March 14, 2021

Your Titiwangsa Apartment Purchase With An Expert

When the time comes to buy a house, a condo, or any other property, we have the choice to venture out on our own or to team up with an expert real estate broker. What are the advantages of allying with an expert? What protections will be offered? How to choose the real estate broker with whom to embark on the adventure of buying a house or a condo? We will answer all of these questions. 

When buying a house or a condo, give yourself the security and professionalism of a real estate broker. Titiwangsa apartment is the perfect fit for you.

The real estate broker: the professional always neutral

The real estate broker has the advantage of not being emotionally tied to the house, condo, or transaction. It has the advantage of being able to keep an emotional distance from the buyer’s plans. When the buyer has a crush on a property, the duty of the real estate broker is to remind him of his objectives. He is often the one who keeps the buyer’s focus in all house or condo visits.

In addition, a real estate transaction brings its share of stress. By doing business with a real estate broker for the purchase of a house or a condo, buyers have privileged access to a specialist who can comfort them and reduce their anxiety. He will be the guide for his buyers until they officially become the owner of their new home or condo.

Real estate broker: Coverage for the purchase of a house or a condo

A real estate broker must offer certain protections to his clients. Basically, it offers OACIQ protection, real estate brokerage compensation fund protection, and is obliged to take out professional liability insurance to protect its clients from possible errors. These protections are present only when a buyer does business with a real estate broker. In addition, there is the possibility that the real estate broker offers the buyer additional insurance from the banner with which he is affiliated. It may happen that some real estate brokers offer additional elements such as protection in the event of the seller’s withdrawal. When the buyer goes it alone, he is not entitled to any of these protections. For information on these points, contact your real estate broker.


Finally, he is an expert in the value of houses and condos in his territory and maybe in your dream location in Titiwangsa as well. He will know how to guide his buyers to the districts which are the most suited to what they are looking for. The real estate broker always keeps in mind the priorities of his buyers. He will send them to the houses or condos that are closest to the ranges they want. In addition, when the time comes to negotiate the purchase price of the house or condo, he will always work to defend the interests of his clients and will try to negotiate the best possible price for them.

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