August 3, 2022

What you need for your newborn baby

Most young moms or moms who are getting their first child born do not know what to prepare for their upcoming newborn babies. It is really important to prepare everything before your due date so that you will not be panicked to get everything at the very last minute. You can actually discuss with your husband on what to buy according to the most important to the very least usage if you are on the budget. For those who are searching for the baby’s product, you can try looking at here essentials for newborn baby malaysia

Here are some newborn checklist that you might need to consider:

  1. Stroller

If you are the kind of person who always travels and likes to go out, you really need a stroller. You might hurt your back as well as your shoulders if you do not have one. Imagine walking here and there while having your baby in your arms. If you go out with your husband or family, you can just take turns to hold the baby but if you are alone, a stroller is a must have thing for your baby. 

  1. Breast pump

Breast pump is a must have thing for working moms as they are not with their baby all the time. If you are a working mom, you need to prepare enough stocks of your breast milk when sending your baby to the nursery. Pumping the milk manually takes time, so you might want to consider buying an electric breast pump to save your time, and you could even do other jobs while pumping your milk. 

  1. Baby bath tub

Bathing a baby is quite challenging work especially if you are doing it all alone. You need to hold the baby and at the same time take the shampoo to bathe them. Having a bath tub will make your job of bathing your baby easier. Now there are lots of baby bath tub designs which help you to not hold your baby anymore once you put your baby inside it. Do find it.

essential things for your newborn baby
  1. Baby swing

Baby swing can be said essential for babies as they will be easier to sleep. For working moms who are working from home, you might want to consider buying this. You can just put your baby on the baby swing next to your workplace. It is best to buy an electric baby swing as if your baby is awake, you do not need to manually swing your baby. You just need to press the button on the swing and observe your baby from the side while doing your work. 

essential things for your newborn baby
  1. Crib

The last one would be the crib. Getting a crib at the baby’s early age could train your baby not to be too dependent on you. This is because if your baby always sleeps beside you on the same bed, the baby is going to attach to you, and cry whenever you are away from them. For the beginning, try to put your baby in the crib two or three times a week. But please make sure that the crib is still in your sight. 

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