March 18, 2021

Top 3 Best Looter Shooter Games

Looter shooter games have become some of the best singleplayer and multiplayer experiences that have come out in recent times. With game series like The Division, Destiny and Borderlands series, there is no shortage of good looter shooter games to play with your friends, shoot a bunch of enemies, and grab their loot as soon as they drop it. These games are a great way to bond with friends over teamwork and cooperation when it comes to the massive raids, gunfights and just simply hilarious laughter when one of your teammates gets downed by an enemy 12 levels ahead of him. For more articles similar to this one, click here.

When you’re feeling like it’s time to gather a group of friends who you might or might not have kept in touch with in a really long time, it’s a good idea to suggest them to get a video game that you can all play together, while also catching up with each other and making new memories in video games such as these looter shooters. It’s also a great way to communicate with each other since most people are forced to stay indoors due to the current pandemic ravaging the globe right now. You could always play these games yourself, especially when taking a break from working on your mlm software provider for your mlm company. So here’s a list of the top three best looter shooter games to play with yourself, or alone.

  1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a fun looter shooter set in space after several hundred years have passed into the future, when a mysterious object named The Traveler, makes contact with Earth and is responsible for terraforming most of the planets in the solar system. With an interesting story and fun gunplay, Destiny 2 is best enjoyed with friends as playing alone can get really lonely and sometimes, boring. With many various weapons to find, shoot with an upgrade to legendary status, this game borrows a few elements from the RPG genre in terms of how the gear system works. It’s a slight stat based system in terms of how much damage you are dealing and how much protection your armor gives you. All in all, Destiny 2 is a great game to play with your mates when everyone has a night in.

2. The Division 2

The Division 2 is a fantastic sequel to The Division game that came out in 2015. With improved gameplay, graphics, a new way to manage between choosing your stats such as firepower, defense, and tech power, this game is in many ways superior to the first game. The story of The Division 2 takes place 6 months after the events of the first game, where a deadly man-made virus outbreak called the green poison, happened in New York and eventually spread across the entire United States. In an attempt to maintain government continuity, a secret government organisation of agents named The Division, is held responsible for this task. The second game takes you across the abandoned districts of Washington D.C to put in a new president and secure the White House so that the United States government can continue operating.

3. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is considered to be one of the best games of the previous generation when the PS3 and the Xbox 360 used to be the main consoles of that generation (seems like a very long time ago, huh?). Still one of the best Borderlands games to date, this game truly shines on a capable, well built gaming PC where the graphics and frame rate outdoes everything else that could run that game. This game is also quite fun with friends, as you are a team of vault hunters on a planet called Pandora, and your mission is to find and unlock Vaults that hold massive amounts of treasure.

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