August 21, 2021

The Communication Skills Every Construction Company Needs 

It is a busy day at work on the construction site. The sun is blazing and people are not only suffering the heat of the day but also the inconveniences of inadequate communication skills in the team. On one hand, many are clueless on the pace of the work they have with building material Malaysia while many people are also ready to quit because of the inefficient communication. This is not just a make-believe story for the sake of the article, but it is also the truth among many construction companies. 

Every day thousands of people get injured because of miscommunications in the workplace. Unfortunately, many of the fatal ones tend to happen in the construction business. The injuries are not only a hindrance to the effectiveness of the work they do, a disruption to productivity but also a huge burden on the financial needs of the business. These expensive injuries falls and mishaps are often the root cause of poor communication skills. 

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The poor communication among the team members and team leaders not only leads to injuries but also leads to major unsatisfaction of work among employees. An overwhelming number of employees report that they feel unappreciated and ready to quit because of the poor communication skills of their managers. Let’s take a closer look at all the communications skills that need to be taught and learned by everyone in the construction companies. 

Clear Communication With Active listening 

Many of us argue that we actually listen and communicate as needed. Even when frustrated with our employees and bosses. We argue that we actually listen when we truly do not. Active listening paired with communication is very different from speaking gibberish to your employees. Active listening allows us to keep an open mind and properly focus our attention on the other person’s word. It allows us to intercept their emotions properly and interpret the meaning of the message they would like to be delivered. If misinterpreted because you did not listen properly, you are still communicating poorly. So for concise communication, you need to work on your skills of active listening. 

Outlining The Chain Of Command 

Communication lines are hindered when having no idea who our boss is and what they do. IF we have no idea who is supposed to be in command, there is clear confusion on who to report to and who to communicate to when it trouble. This is a clear disruption to the line of work and its output. So from the very beginning, it is important to clearly communicate who is in command, who to report to and what our relationships are with each and every member of the team. We should know who our project manager is, who our contractor is, and who our supervisor is. And we should have a clear understanding of the hierarchy. This helps both employer and employee take better accountability for their actions and words. 

Today communicating also have gotten a lot easier because of technological advancements. Constructions companies should teach their employees how to use technology as a tool for improved communication. Other than the technology they should also teach skills of active listening and foster emotional maturity. 

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