April 1, 2021

Struggles Students Need To Face Amid Online Classes

In light of the pandemic, many endeavors are forced to take their very turning point which is fairly unprecedented. Many have no better alternatives but to remain at home respectively while getting their regular commitments completed as assigned, work, or school. Though it somewhat plays a significant role in decreasing cases through a reduction in human contact, it causes numerous stumbling blocks many need to adopt and adapt to amid this very unprecedented period. One news reporting how a student was not given any other choices but to take her online examinations atop the tree due to fairly poor internet coverage at her residential area. If this pandemic were to be prolonged, does that mean all have to live through these kinds of suffering? 

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Internet Connectivity 

Of course, an unstable internet connection causes students to miss out on important points taught in online classes. Not everybody on earth resides in areas with sturdy internet connectivity, some are even not as fortunate as we thought to afford WiFi for the family. Now that online classes are made compulsory, those with these kinds of obstructions need to figure out ways so they can smoothly live through these periods. The news mentioned above is one thing, some families could not even afford extra laptops or smartphones to support their children’s online classes, let alone sturdy internet connectivity. 

Technical Problems 

Some common sentences spoken throughout this period being “can you see my screen?” and “I forgot to save my documents and now my laptop has been switched off automatically!” Technology may be one of the greatest inventions ever in human beings’ lives with so much convenience making almost everything easier than ever before, there also exist problems that we do not wish to deal with. One of which is a malfunctioning laptop that is highly prone to shutting on its very own without its owner commanding it to do so. Though there are a wide variety of google collaborating platforms like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and so on, many still prefer using the offline version of suchlike, for example, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Provided you remember to click on the save button each moment you update your document, there is no need for you to worry about losing your information. Otherwise, you may potentially waste all your precious time working on something and then having it vanished in a blink of an eye. Nevertheless, backup solutions malaysia can assist you to prevent that nightmare from happening.

Bottom Line

Though studying from home is deemed pretty much necessary for the time being, many need to acknowledge the struggles of doing so because frankly speaking, it is not easy whatsoever, it could even appear as tougher attending classes physically. Long story short, if you happen to have any family members attending online classes from home, give them mental support from time to time and make sure their wellbeing is always on par because dealing with commitments virtually is not easy until you try it out yourself. It may seem like it is easy facing the screen all day long, but there surely are more behind it.

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