March 16, 2022

Malaysia Based Stearic Acid Choices For You

Stearic acid may be made from a variety of plant and animal sources, and it can be obtained in a variety of ways. It is the quality of the raw ingredients that determine the final product’s final quality. The overall quality of a product is influenced by its maker and brand.

The Smartest Choice

Despite the fact that there is no such thing as a good or bad stearic acid, picking the right one is essential. Each application is distinguished by a distinct set of characteristics. Aside from the iodine number and the principal ingredient’s content, we will not go into detail in this article.

When it comes to the basic material, everything becomes clearer or less clear depending on its composition. If the value of this indicator is bigger, the brand associated with it is more likely to succeed. When assessing a brand’s quality, you should pay attention to the percentage of C18 in the product (or, if C18: 0 is indicated, these are acids with a high molecular weight, including our stearic acid). Polymer processing does not need knowledge of the composition of contaminants. Choosing the stearic acid malaysia is most essential there.

If you’re unfamiliar with the iodine number, you’ll have a hard time understanding it

All compounds having a double bond will need the same amount of iodine (in grams) to react with stearic acid, which contains 100 grams of iodine. The line that follows is a little wordy and needs to be clarified:

Stearic acid does not contain double bonds in its native state. They may be found in very small concentrations in a wide range of environmental pollutants. As a result, a greater iodine value indicates a larger concentration of pollutants in the solution overall. When the same amount of pollutants is found in different brands of samples, the iodine number may vary. As a result, the chemical makeup of pollutants influences this and other indicators.

Which characteristics may be affected by the presence of iodine?

The following connection holds true when lubricants are being created. If you have a high amount of double bonds, the composition will take longer to solidify after you finish it.

Stabilizing the material with stearic acid is an additional advantage of using it in the production of PVC. There are, in reality, no restrictions on the iodine number indicator. The existence of a high concentration of the major component, a low value of the characteristic C 18 (C18: 0), and a high percentage of compounds without double bonds all influence our decision to buy a certain brand. This basic component has been successfully analyzed and deployed in many of our client’s stearic acid grade products.

Grade 1883, which has a C18 level of 36 to 39 percent, is used by one of the leading companies in the production of cable compounds

We can tell that the principal active component in this brand isn’t as concentrated as we’d like. For example, in this case, it is easy to see how to strike a balance between raw material costs, processing conditions, and the final product’s quality. There is evidence to suggest that the dose of stearic acid used in the manufacture of this brand’s cable products offers a sufficient supply of lubricating and thermal stabilizing properties.


With a C18 concentration of 63 to 68 percent, Grade 1865 is often used for technical profiles, wall panels, and window glazing beads in applications such as glazing. There are increased demands on stearic acid due to the recycling of rigid PVC, and increasing the dosage is not always the best option. It’s possible to utilize different brands that have various concentrations and dosages of the chemical because of this.

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