June 21, 2022

How to spice up your sex life with 7 typical household

There’s no need to go overboard or trawl the internet for toys, lubes, and devices to spice up your sex life. Most likely, you already have all you require at your home. Go through your pantry or your bathroom cupboard to find what you’re looking for. That might be all you need to relight the fires in your bedroom.

1. Coconut oil (olive oil)

Why spend more money on pricey lubricants when you probably already have one of the best in your kitchen? Olive oil (or coconut oil, but verify for allergies first) is a great, natural way to bring slipping and sliding back into your bedroom. Make doubly sure the containers are clearly labelled. Ahem. Also, latex condoms can be broken down by veggies, coconut, and olive oil, so be cautious.

2. An electric toothbrush

These devices are useful for more than just keeping your teeth and gums healthy. They’re fantastic for achieving the same results in your sex life. Unless you prefer the tingling of the brush head, simply flip it over, and “x” marks the spot. Also, don’t forget about the guys. There are numerous blemishes on them as well.

3. Nursing pillow

Here’s an idea for what to do with that old nursing pillow that’s just taking up room in your home. Use it as a sex pillow by changing the cover! You’ll be surprised at how much easier (and more delightful) certain postures become when you don’t have to do any crazy contortions of yoga routines.

4. Couples of men ties

A pair of men’s ties, with permission, is a terrific way to bring a little “50 Shades of Grey” flavour into your bedroom. The silk is soothing on the wrists and ankles, and you won’t have to explain the handcuffs to your children if they discover them. Or, even worse, find out how to get them off if you misplace your keys.

5. Sleep mask

Sleep masks are useful for more than simply sleeping. You’ll be surprised at how erotic having one slid over your eyes during a back massage or any other body part massage can be. For even more daring fun, pair with the men’s ties.

6. Microdermabrasion system

With that Microdermabrasion equipment, you may have hidden in your bathroom cabinet, give your skin a different kind of healthy shine. Keep the cap on unless you want small bristles on your privates, and you’ll get the benefits of an outstanding vibrator without spending any money.

7. Ice cube

It’s usually a good idea to incorporate ice cubes into your sexual encounter. A little frozen H2O may go a long way in the bedroom, whether you’re using it to sensually rub it down your partner’s body or putting it in your mouth for a terrific oral sex surprise.

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