April 24, 2020

How To Prepare For An Internship Interview

In some cases, students who attend a course in a university are required to go through internships before graduating.

Some students take internships for granted, thinking that is a waste of time or it’s no big deal etc. But, what they don’t realize is that going through one is actually very important as it could do a lot for them. So when it comes to internships, do take them seriously!

Students must make sure to prepare well when applying for an internship because, just like when you find full time job, one could get denied or rejected.

Now, how does one prepare for an internship interview? To help students out, here we have some tips. Stick around and find out as these tips could come in handy!

1. Make a good first impression

You probably know by now that impressions last, therefore giving a good one is a must. Sure, one could impress them with the many achievements they can show through their application letter, but there are some companies who tend to look and focus more on how one communicates. Make sure that you look your best during the interview. It shows how much you value and how much you want to get in. It is important to show them that you have a great personality. You must be able to charm them not just with your skills, but also with personality as well.

2. Know the company before applying

Get to know the company one plans to apply to. It is important to have an understanding of your potential company, since one could use it during the interview. Questions regarding the company has a big chance of coming up, so for one to be able to answer to such, he/she must do his/her research on the company. It would also show the employers how much interest a student has on their company.

3. Practice your interview beforehand

One could try practicing online. Yes, there’s a big chance that questions would be about the company, but there are also other common questions that one could expect. Students can research these questions online for them to be prepared when the time comes. Rehearsing answering these questions will make things easier when the time for the actual interview comes.

4. Be prepared to talk about your experience

One can expect the employer to talk about your experience relating to the field you are taking. They will need to be able to think this through and come up with a story even before. They need to make sure that such stories are interesting and fun to listen and won’t just bore the interviewer out. They also need to make sure that they should be telling the story with the right attitude if they want to leave a mark.

5. Make sure your resume is top-notch

Resumes can save students. Most students think that a resume would not matter much considering it is just an internship. This is where they are wrong. It would matter just as much as applying for a real job. Students must be able to take time in creating a creative resume. This will help them get the attention and be chosen as soon as possible. They should be clever and witty on their resume. Rest assured it would get them in, in no time.

Watch this video for more tips on how to nail the interview:

The process of preparing for an internship is just as important as applying for a real job. Therefore every college student should take it seriously. They will be able to give the experience and the knowledge they would need to prepare for their future working lives.

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