August 14, 2021

How The Unifi Broadband Package Is Important

The database can be located in one and the same place and on the same computerized medium, or distributed over several machines in several places. It is at the center of the IT systems for collecting, formatting, storing, and using information. Choosing the Unifi broadband package is essential.

unifi broadband package


Mail software is an application used in business that allows the user to send and receive an e-mail: Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird can be mentioned, for example, but there are many others. Mail software retrieves your messages on your computer and allows you to manage them without being connected to the Internet, unlike your provider’s webmail (Gmail, orange, SFR, yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).


A company’s IT infrastructure also includes telephony equipment: sets, connections, switchboards, etc.

The voice of business makes it possible today to set up at e s e Fixed voice over IP (via the internet).  This only requires a professional internet connection to function and therefore eliminates the need for traditional telephone servers (PABX).

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  • Availability of infrastructure
  • Definition of the availability rate

The notion of availability is a major issue for IT infrastructures. It reflects the accessibility of the services carried by the IT infrastructure, especially when they are hosted in the cloud.

The availability of infrastructure is expressed by an availability rate. For technical reasons, the 100% available does not exist. The uptime percentage corresponds to an estimated downtime per year. For example 90% availability = 36.5 days of downtime; 99% = 3.65 days, etc. The unavailability of IT services can become critical and have disastrous consequences for the business, hence the importance of this notion. High availability consists of putting in place processes to reduce errors and speed up business recovery, in order to minimize downtime.

What is RTO / RPO?

In the event of a serious breakdown, the information systems must be protected. In order to provide suitable backup solutions, we have to define objective indicators… of losses! These are RTO and RPO. The RTO (for Recovery Time Objective), can result in the maximum allowable interruption time of a computing resource. The RPO (for Recovery Point Objective), designates the maximum duration of data recording that it is acceptable to lose during a failure.

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