May 22, 2021

Establishing Boundaries Amongst Colleagues In The Workplace

Many individuals strive to nurture a cordial bond with their coworkers which would in return, motivate them to work harder every other day. The significance of a friendly working environment is undoubtedly prominent for it impacts the organization’s image in the eyes of the employees, morale, and productivity, and ultimately the organization’s general growth. Amiability within the workplace stimulates employees to give their best shot in every undertaking they are assigned to thereby an essence for the betterment of the organization. With that being said, an excessively convivial workplace is not always beneficial hence the establishment of boundaries amongst colleagues being necessitated; this article will justify why. 

Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of 

While it is always great to look on the better sides, humanity still fails us at times. Being too attached to your coworker invites plenty of shortcomings provided kindness is what they lack. To put this into perspective, considering that you are a somewhat close ally, they might manipulate you into thinking that it is partially your obligation to handle their workload when on the other hand, you are entitled to disregard it. We can never tell what people’s intentions are like; rather than being taken advantage of, tell them no. It is sometimes sensible to be selfish for your own sake

They May Not Be The Best Of Confidantes

Sharing secrets amongst close companions are perfectly common as it promotes greater understanding. Having said that, secrets are meant to be kept private amongst those informed, and not everyone is capable of keeping them confidential. Especially when these skeletons in the cupboard are in accordance with work. Your career would be in turmoil once the words are spread. Be on your guard when choosing the people you wish to spill your tea to, or preferably do not spill anything at all. 

They May Utilize Your Weakest Of Spots For Their Own Good

Bear in mind that the closer you are to your ally, the better both parties are in understanding each other’s vulnerability. It is good that they try to be protective of that side of yours, but some may not be that compassionate to even attempt that. Instead, they make use of the chink in your armor for their own good. To illustrate, suppose you are a generally introverted being, they may exploit that part of yours by pressuring you into attempts that you are not fond of; solely to fulfill their agenda.

Bottom Line 

Long story short, no matter how friendly your coworkers seem, try to keep a fine distance and set that boundary like how glass wall malaysia sets up glass partitions that separate distinct parts of the office. Be wary of the person you put your trust in because not everybody is deserving of it. 

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