April 14, 2021

Drainage of patio roofs: how to drain water from the patio roof!

A patio defends against what derives from above: rain, hail, and snow. Without regulated drainage, rainwater would randomly find its way and, in the worst case, would flow across the width of the patio. To prevent this from happening, a patio must provide a drip that drains the water properly. Here is an explanation of what the roof drainage system possibilities of the patios are and when they are adopted!

Collect and evacuate rainwater: gutter

A gutter (also called a rain gutter) is a gutter that is attached to the eaves of the patio to catch rainwater that drains from the roof. The prerequisite is that the patio is inclined accordingly, that is, it must have a slope. This is the only way to ensure that the flow in the direction of the storm gutter is controlled.

From the gutter, which must also have an appropriate angle of inclination, the collected rainwater flows through a funnel into a rainwater descent, as you can find in an online store, or else by a rainwater evacuation chain from the roof. The downspout or rainwater chain is usually mounted externally, i.e. visibly, on the supporting posts/pillars of the patio roof. For modern aluminum terrace roofs, which is also offered in the online shop in a large selection, the terrace roof drainage device is often also found in the aluminum support posts.

The entire gutter, funnel, and downspout system is also called the gutter system. A gutter fulfills several tasks:

  • It captures the water flowing from the patio and recovers it.
  • It drains the drainage water.
  • It protects the structure of the patio construction and possibly the adjacent building from moisture which could cause permanent damage.
  • It also protects the patio and the substrate from too much humidity.

Drains or rain gutters for patio roofs are available in various designs, including semi-circular and box-shaped profiles. As a rule, the gutters are installed outdoors. In summary, it can be said that there are gutters for special applications in the trade, for example, gutters hanging from curtains, called roof gutters, interior gutters, recumbent gutters, and more.

Standard channels are made of titanium zinc, galvanized sheet steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic (PVC). There are also wooden gutters.
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